A Come Up signed #4

Hey y'all I'm basically about to tell y'all a blessing about TJMAXXX so #1 and I went there today just to look and window shop and together we spent $150. I'll share what I got in another post but for now I have to share THE COME UP Many people may be familiar with smashbox... Continue Reading →


$11 for 9 Korean Face Masks signed #4

Yes yes y'all I spent $11 bucks for #1s birthday and I bought her 9 Korean face masks. Now you may or may not have read that I had amazing customer service at a little boutique called Poppy and Daisy. Well I received a coupon for a free Korean mask and when you buy 7... Continue Reading →

Big LOOOOTS signed #4

I'm about to put y'all on real quick ... if you love coconut oil even as half as much as I do take your ass to Big Lots and get a jar. A little over a year ago #1 and I went into Big Lots for curtains and found these beauties on sale. I only... Continue Reading →

Placenta Korean Sheet Mask signed #4

Loooooooordy Lawdy Lord ... Almighty Father I thank you for blessing me! First things First Poppy & Daisy thank you KOREA I thank you. Y'all I bought 7 masks from this store; First being placenta. Now before y'all get all up open arms apparently the placenta is from a plant not a vagina annnnnnnd even... Continue Reading →

Poppy Store signed #4

Poppy & Daisy .... that's all I have to say. Just take all the moneys because WOOOOOW #1 and I have passed by this Korean skin care store for over a month, repeatedly saying we'll go in and we finally did. Let me say the decor is beautiful very clean, organized, it smelled refreshing. There... Continue Reading →

Thought of the Week signed #4

"How can you come for someone else's Afro what you don't have any hair to begin with?" -#4 We live in a world where people love to tell you you're wrong even if the question at hand has more than one answer. 9 times out of 10 most people state their opinion and someone (typically... Continue Reading →

Head Wrap signed #4

hellllllloooooooo unfortunately for this style I only have 1 photo but I put my hair in a high top bun literally in the center of my crown/parietal love. I tied my scarf in the front twisted the two pieces left over and wrapped my bun with the twisted excess and tucked the left over in... Continue Reading →

Edge Appreciation signed #4

I completed my clinical rotation in the OR I spent so much time on my make up that I didn't have enough time to take down my twists. Instead I wrapped my hair in a low scarf rose bun BUT MY BABY HAIRS they were laid for the gawds. I wanted a style that wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Length Check signed #4

Soooooo I was playing in my hair and decided to check my growth in 6 months my hair went from my collarbone to my armpit. I wish I could say I'm doing something special but I only wash my hair once every 2-3 weeks. I alternate deep conditioning and doing a rinse in between the... Continue Reading →

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