Length Check signed #4

Soooooo I was playing in my hair and decided to check my growth in 6 months my hair went from my collarbone to my armpit. I wish I could say I'm doing something special but I only wash my hair once every 2-3 weeks. I alternate deep conditioning and doing a rinse in between the... Continue Reading →


Black Panther Head Wrap signed #4

Soooo I just saw Black Panther wonderful damn movie can't wait to buy it! To go of course I had to dress the part which included a head wrap. Now the material I used was from these old pants of mine that I ripped a hole in I basically cut the legs and wrapped it... Continue Reading →

Slides Benign signed #4

Hey Hey Hey sooooooooooo I went to Gabe's or Gabriel Brothers for y'all who don't know. This place is the holy grail for cheap buys. When I say cheap I mean literally cheap af ... I'm the cheapest person y'all will ever meet. Anyways I was growing through the store in utter disappointment (that nothing... Continue Reading →

Trash Parting? Signed #4

Helllllllllllllllo ladies and gents. I think we've all been at a place in our life where we've bought a cheap wig that's beautiful, voluminous, just overall perfect, but the parting is not. We've tried plucking, tweezing, powders, creams, bleach ... you name it. I can't tell you how many YouTube videos I watched and attempts... Continue Reading →

OR Slick Back signed #4

Hey Hey I wanted to share this hair style I did for clinicals. I was scheduled for the OR so I wanted my hair slicked back, but I also wanted to add a little flavor so I parted an acute triangle, coiled my hair so it could stay in place, and I used a rubber... Continue Reading →

Real Talk signed #4

TJ MAXX was having a 50% sale for Anastasia products for black people. So my favorite MUA and I went there to spend money we don’t have. She’s amazing and I love her personality, but above everything she’s extremely honest. She’s in a relationship with an amazing fellow. Imagine dating reggie from school daze if... Continue Reading →

Dreaded Love signed #4

Heeeey! I wanted to post my faux yarn dreads that I do myself. I use red heart 100% acrylic. That's it! I typically buy the 5 lb big thing of yarn, make sure my scalp is moisturized, and then I perform yarn twists. The yarn twists usually take me about 4-6 hours. I wear them... Continue Reading →

B MF R Reflection signed #4

Heeeeeeeeey so now that the conversation has been put out for the world to see I want to share my opinion. First, Brick Rose is a corny ass nigga who will never get the time of day with me. BUT I want to be very clear he is a handsome and established man. He is... Continue Reading →

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