Placenta Korean Sheet Mask signed #4

Loooooooordy Lawdy Lord ... Almighty Father I thank you for blessing me! First things First Poppy & Daisy thank you KOREA I thank you. Y'all I bought 7 masks from this store; First being placenta. Now before y'all get all up open arms apparently the placenta is from a plant not a vagina annnnnnnd even... Continue Reading →


Poppy Store signed #4

Poppy & Daisy .... that's all I have to say. Just take all the moneys because WOOOOOW #1 and I have passed by this Korean skin care store for over a month, repeatedly saying we'll go in and we finally did. Let me say the decor is beautiful very clean, organized, it smelled refreshing. There... Continue Reading →

Slides Benign signed #4

Hey Hey Hey sooooooooooo I went to Gabe's or Gabriel Brothers for y'all who don't know. This place is the holy grail for cheap buys. When I say cheap I mean literally cheap af ... I'm the cheapest person y'all will ever meet. Anyways I was growing through the store in utter disappointment (that nothing... Continue Reading →

Birthday Goals signed #4

So with my birthday coming around I always make goals and resolutions (like most people do for New Years). Last year I wanted to lose weight, work on my spirit, get into nursing school, and work on my relationships. Reflecting I did lose about 30 lbs, I'm in nursing school, in sync with my Lord... Continue Reading →

#2: Getting my life together

So y'all I feel like I kinda fell off. Like I mean let's be clear, I ain't hit no rock bottom. But I definitely think I should be taking my health and wellness way more seriously. I set all these goals and always work hard on them but after two weeks I slowly but surely... Continue Reading →

Diet Update signed #4

Ya'll I gave up! I went home for the weekend and my mama cooked and I couldn't resist. Honestly between Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas I'm going to have to wait until the new year. I know, I know someone's about to say you ain't bout it, but you'll see. "Don't believe me, just... Continue Reading →

Diet Plan Update signed #4

Oooooookay I didn't make it past homecoming. The food was to lit and most of it involved bread BUT I did start again on 10/16/2017. I'm not going to lie and say that I feel refreshed and full of energy, but I will say that I feel accomplished. Honestly I just want to see the... Continue Reading →

No Junk Challenge signed #4

I was on Pinterest, where I found a no junk food challenge. For one month I will take on this challenge ... starting today 10/11/2017. Honestly with homecoming around the corner I didn't want to start this diet, but there will always be an excuse for me not to take to start it. Some background... Continue Reading →

Change: For Me By Me signed #4

Sooooooo Hey ya'll! This is my second time writing this shit. Basically #2 told me to save my post in word or by email and my dumb ass accidentally deleted all of my shit trying to copy and paste annnnd I had to start over. Like daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMN!!! Okay I'm done. So this is my first... Continue Reading →

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