Thought of the Week signed #4

"How can you come for someone else's Afro what you don't have any hair to begin with?" -#4 We live in a world where people love to tell you you're wrong even if the question at hand has more than one answer. 9 times out of 10 most people state their opinion and someone (typically... Continue Reading →


Real Talk signed #4

TJ MAXX was having a 50% sale for Anastasia products for black people. So my favorite MUA and I went there to spend money we don’t have. She’s amazing and I love her personality, but above everything she’s extremely honest. She’s in a relationship with an amazing fellow. Imagine dating reggie from school daze if... Continue Reading →

B MF R Reflection signed #4

Heeeeeeeeey so now that the conversation has been put out for the world to see I want to share my opinion. First, Brick Rose is a corny ass nigga who will never get the time of day with me. BUT I want to be very clear he is a handsome and established man. He is... Continue Reading →

B MF R Part 6 signed #4

Oooookay we've finally reached the last conversation. It was actually this conversation that made me want to but all his shit in the air. Luckily this conversation isn't long ... mainly because it just happened Okay okay okay I know someone is like biiiiiiiih you're trippin BUT HEAR ME OUT. I'm tired of fighting with... Continue Reading →

B MF R Part 5 signed #4

Hey heeeeeeey I'm hoping y'all are not just jumping into this thread. Please start from Part 1 or at least Part 2. To catch you up to speed my high school crush has been playing a lot of little games. Part 4 was a couple of months ago and then this happen. But wait there's... Continue Reading →

B MF R Part 4 signed #4

Hey y'all hopefully you're not just now reading. Skip back to part 2 at least but I encourage you to read from the beginning. Click either the Let's Be Real Tab or #4 Tab. Basically this is the third time my high school crush tried to reach out me with his fuckery. The conversation begins... Continue Reading →

B MF R Part 3 signed #4

Hey y'all if you're just reading this please at least read from Part 2 so you can see my anger built up. If you want to know what's really good read from Part 1. Essentially I'm venting about my high school crush who's proven that he ain't shit. Fast Forward 2 Years Later (2015) I’m... Continue Reading →

B MF R Part 2 signed #4

Hey y'all ... hope your following this thread. This part 2 goes into the first fucked up thing Mr. Rose did. If you don't know what's going on or if you want background info click on the Let's Be Real Tab or #4 Tab to read it. If you just want to sip the tea... Continue Reading →

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