$11 for 9 Korean Face Masks signed #4

Yes yes y’all I spent $11 bucks for #1s birthday and I bought her 9 Korean face masks. Now you may or may not have read that I had amazing customer service at a little boutique called Poppy and Daisy. Well I received a coupon for a free Korean mask and when you buy 7 the masks go from $2.00 to $1.50! Then just when I thought things couldn’t get better with the price. There was a computer/system malfunction and she let me have another mask for free … FOR FREE! So I walked out of there with 9 face masks for $11! THEN (here’s the kicker) #1 got in the car and asked to go to Poppy and Daisy because she gets 3 face masks for free on top (for her birthday) on top of the 2 mask coupons the store was having. Y’all she lucked out with 15 face masks (I think she bought an extra). Now I won’t lie I was low key salty because I wanted my gift to be a surprise but I had to tell her and show her which masks I bought, so she doesn’t buy the same ones. Her birthday is in a couple of days, it’s not today. I’ll provide a list below of all of the names of her masks (she bought some of the same masks twice). Anyways customer service was amazing like always and when we went back I bought a organic rose facial cleanser that perfectly pairs with my organic rose water spray that I use for a toner. I can’t wait for their Honey Cera facial moisturizer to come in so I can cop that too. Anyways I think that’s all folks

Facial Masks:

Red Wine: Pore Care

Tea Tree: Skin Soothing

Snail: Skin Irritation

Caviar: Nutrition

Propolis: Skin Soothing

Green Tea: Skin Soothing

Coconut Water





Pomegranate: Elasticity


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