Big LOOOOTS signed #4

I’m about to put y’all on real quick … if you love coconut oil even as half as much as I do take your ass to Big Lots and get a jar. A little over a year ago #1 and I went into Big Lots for curtains and found these beauties on sale. I only wanted the small jar but for double the size and saving 0.50 I couldn’t pass it up the price and opportunity. Truth be told I use coconut oil for cooking, oiling my scalp, hot oil hair treatments, I swish it around in my mouth for 20 minutes after I brush my teeth, I moisturize with it, I made an exfoliating sugar and coffee scrub … literally coconut oil is so versatile, so it’s a great investment; it’s a holy grail for me. The picture shows two different brands for the same price literally between comparing labels they’re the same exact thing just manufactured for different companies . I picked the fresh finds jar just because it’s expiration date is in 2020 vs the butcher boy that was 2019. The last jar I purchased was butcher boy and I was extremely happy with the product. I don’t typically shop at big lots, but every time I’ve walked into that store the same jars of coconut oil are on sale. To me $7.50 is an amazing price especially when there are a lot of other places that charge $10 for those little 30mL jars. Just as a tip real/pure coconut oil turns solid and white in the cold and transitions into a clear liquid in the warmth. It should not only have one consistency. Anyways be blessed my coconut queens.


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