Poppy Store signed #4

Poppy & Daisy ….

that’s all I have to say. Just take all the moneys because WOOOOOW #1 and I have passed by this Korean skin care store for over a month, repeatedly saying we’ll go in and we finally did. Let me say the decor is beautiful very clean, organized, it smelled refreshing. There was an Asian lady (I don’t want to assume that she’s Korean) behind the counter and she welcomed us in with open arms.


Cool, Calm, Collected. Like I initially said … everything was organized and very clean aroma was refreshing. It looks like a cute beauty boutique. The inside was eclectic, where I saw everything beauty (make up, masks, face accessories, exfoliates) basically everything for your skin. The store wasn’t huge but it wasn’t tiny either. It was perfect sized to me … Basically if they were having a buy one get one free sale I wouldn’t want to go in because I wouldn’t be able to breathe, but I still would because the product is worth it.


I saw everything from one dollar to 250. I’m cheap, but I did end up buying 7 face masks for 1.50, some black gel eyeliner for $5, (it was on clearance 40% off) and I bought a sample of Honey cera for $8. Annnnd I signed up with my e-mails (for free) to get for promos and etc and got an additional 10% off. I spent about $22 and I plan on returning verrrrry soon.


Customer service was amazing … literally perfect. Where I live there are not a lot of black people and I personally feel like when I go out (typically looking like trash … I won’t lie) people assume I’m not spending money and I don’t receive good service. BUT THIS LADY RIGHT HERE … She greeting us (that doesn’t happen often believe it or not) she kept her distance (no following us in the store or staring) she jumped in and helped, answered questions. There was a point and time when she walked in the back on the phone for a min leaving us alone … basically I felt comfortable. She did a lot without doing too much. I told her I was definitely buying 7 masks and I want to buy a moisturizer. This God sent woman directed me to these popular samples of Honey cera. Most people try to upscale you to buy expensive merchandise and I liked that she didn’t generalize me into buying the cheapest thing either. She literally asked what kind of skin I have, had me test the Honey cera and prompted me to buy the sample for 8 bucks before buying the whole bottle and not liking it. A young queen was happy and will be returning. I don’t think some businesses understand how far good service will take you. When I personally received bad service I either don’t spend my money or refuse to return. But I came, saw, and fell in love 😍


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