Placenta Korean Sheet Mask signed #4

Loooooooordy Lawdy Lord … Almighty Father I thank you for blessing me!

First things First Poppy & Daisy thank you KOREA I thank you. Y’all I bought 7 masks from this store; First being placenta. Now before y’all get all up open arms apparently the placenta is from a plant not a vagina annnnnnnd even if it was a human placenta I’d still use it on my face. Do your research, placentas have a lot of benefits. Anyways this sheet mask (my first ever bruh) just gave me sooooo much life. It was only 1.50 and my skin is smooth and soft. I washed my face with African black soap before applying the mask and once I took it off I rubbed in the contents. The sheet smelled amazing, the goo was thick, made with cotton seeds, the sheet was cooooooold. I left it on for 30 mins (as instructed) and I literally could feel my skin absorbing the materials. Ten 10 X ALL ACROSS THE BOARD


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